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Hurricane Preparedness Week infographic:  Develop an Evacuation Plan

Take some time this week - Hurricane Preparedness Week - to make sure you have a hurricane evacuation plan. The first thing you need to do is determine if your home is safe to shelter in, including whether you're in a flood zone or susceptible to storm surge. If it's not safe, figure out where you’d go and how you’d get there if you need to evacuate. Identify someone, perhaps a friend or relative who lives in safer location, and coordinate with them to use their home as your evacuation destination. Be sure to account for your pets, as only a few local shelters permit them. Put the plan in writing for you and those you care about.

Thumbnail from YouTube video - Hurricane Preparedness Week - Develop an Evacuation PlanToday we sit down with Maria Lutz, Regional Disaster Officer at the American Red Cross Pacific Islands Region, to talk about hurricane evacuations and what you need to consider:

We'll also talk more about assessing your risk for the different types of hazards on Thursday with the topic "Strengthen Your Home".

Homeowner’s Handbook to Prepare for Natural Hazards - Part 3 "Protecting Yourself and Your Family" covers planning for evacuations. 

Should I shelter-in-place or go to a hurricane evacuation shelter? - fact sheet from Hawaii Emergency Management Agency

Find out if you're in a flood zone:

Find out if you're susceptible to storm surge:

Jump to Hawaii storm surge maps.  Please note that these maps are composites created by simulating tens of thousands of hurricane tracks.  No one hurricane will create this level of flooding in all locations.  It is meant to be used for risk assessment and planning.

To help residents prepare in advance of hurricane season, NWS Honolulu will share information on a different topic each day during Hurricane Preparedness Week: