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Timeline of Events

        4:36pm - First Severe Thunderstorm Warning was issued for Harper County on the supercell that would later produce the Andover tornado.

        4:53pm - KAKE TV in Wichita notified that golf ball hail and 65mph winds were observed in Harper County.

        5:15pm - Supercell thunderstorm produced its first tornado near Anthony, KS.

        5:20pm - First tornado was short-lived & was on the ground for one mile. Eventually was rated an F0.

        5:26pm - First tornado warning was issued for the Andover supercell with reports of a brief tornado.

        5:30pm - Supercell continued tracking northeast & spawned another tornado near Freeport, KS.

        5:35pm - Severe Thunderstorm Warning for SW Sedgwick County was issued in advance of the Andover supercell.

        5:40pm -  Tornado remained on the ground and moved NW of Freeport, KS towards Argonia, KS.

        5:45pm - Tornado was on the ground for 16 miles over rural areas before lifting south of Argonia, KS. This tornado was later rated an F0.

        5:46pm - The dangerous supercell cycles & continues to track northeast into Sedgwick County.

        5:49pm - Tornado touched down east of Clearwater & would grow into the devastating Andover tornado.

        6:05pm - The NWS issued a statement urging people near Haysville, Derby and Mulvane to seek shelter!

        6:09pm - Tornado warning was issued for E Sedgwick County including wording of a very dangerous storm.

        6:16pm - Tornado continued tracking northeast & affected southern parts of Wichita.

        6:20pm - Haysville was first to be hit by the Andover tornado.

        6:22pm - Andover tornado struck Haysville as a strong F2/F3.

        6:24pm - The violent tornado tore across McConnell Air Force Base.

        6:25pm - The tornado continued to track northeast towards U.S. 54 and Andover.

        6:27pm - When the Andover tornado hit the McConnell Air Force Base, it missed a lineup of B1-B bombers.

        6:28pm - The Andover damaged/destroyed nine major facilities causing $62 million in damages.

        6:30pm - Tornado Warning including Andover was issued, but the tornado sirens in Andover failed.

        6:31pm - Andover police drove through the Golden Spur Mobile Home Park warning citizens to seek shelter.

        6:40pm - Amateur radio spotter reported the tornado east of U.S. 54 heading directly for the city of Andover.

        6:43pm - The tornado began to move into the south side of Andover.

        6:45pm - The Golden Spur Mobile Home Park along with much of Andover sustained a direct hit.

        6:46pm - National Weather Service Wichita already on backup after losing commercial power but did not have a delay the dissemination of  


        6:50pm - The Andover tornado continued NE and hit the outskirts of Towanda.

        7:10pm - The Andover tornado finally dissipated west of El Dorado and north of the KS Turnpike.