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Tornado #4:  Altamont Tornado (Effingham County)


Altamont tornado track


Rating: EF-2
Peak wind: 120 mph
Touched down: 12:22 pm CST
4.6 miles southwest of St. Elmo (Fayette County)
Lifted: 12:32 pm CST
2.9 miles north-northwest of Altamont (Effingham County)
Path length: 11.4 miles
Path width: 200 yards
Fatalities: 0
Injuries: 0


The NWS office in St. Louis surveyed a tornado which touched down in Fayette County, then moved into western Effingham County.

A strong tornado developed between U.S. Highway 40 and I-70 about 5 miles southwest of St. Elmo.  The torando destroyed a barn, depositing debris downstream into the adjacent open field.  The tornado continued northeast across U.S. 40, damaging a few outbuildings and silos on a farmstead.  The tornado strengthened and grew in size, as it moved just to the west of St. Elmo.  Here it caused significant damage to 3 homes, and severe damage or complete destruction to numerous outbuildings.  Two of the houses were moved off their foundations.  This damage was rated as EF-2.

The tornado continued northeast toward the St. Elmo Golf Club, causing significant damage to trees, and destroying a garage and two outbuildings at a residence located on St. Elmo Country Club Rd.

The tornado continued northeast, crossing county road 2150, county road 2300, Illinois Highway 128 (which runs along the Fayette/Effingham County line), and finally dissipating just northeast of the intersection of North 200th St. and East 1300th Ave.  Most of the damage observed along the remainder of the path was to trees and small outbuildings.

Numerous people that were interviewed stated they observed the tornado from St. Elmo. 


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