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Dangerous Heat Wave in the West Expanding Eastward; Severe Weather in the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest

Dangerous and record-breaking heat will continue for much of the West through Saturday, and expand over central and eastern portions of the country through this weekend. Locally heavy rainfall and flash flooding will continue along the coastal Mid-Atlantic and in the Four Corners region. Strong to severe thunderstorms are possible across portions of the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest. Read More >


Supercell thunderstorms developed in the late afternoon across the Nebraska Panhandle and western Nebraska and moved eastward in the evening hours. As they storms moved eastward, they formed into a line of storms, extending from Cherry County south towards the Nebraska state line. Strong straight-line winds were found throughout the line of storms, with the strongest winds across the southern portion of the line.  In addition to widespread winds of 70 mph and greater, stronger winds of over 100 mph, impacted locations just south of the city of North Platte. A storm survey conducted by the National Weather Service in North Platte revealed the widespread damage across central Lincoln County was the result of extreme outflow winds from a bowing line segment of storms. The peak wind speed from the survey was 105 mph.


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