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History of the North Platte
Weather Office



September 18th 1874

On this date a new weather observation station was established in North Platte. The observations were taken by Sgt. Ino R. Williams of the Signal Service of the United States on America (SSUSA). The station was established at the new school building in town. Sgt Williams wrote in his ledger that he had "...asceratined by inquiring from all the old residents of the town...that the mean range of temperatures during a year is from 20 to 90 degrees. That, with the exceptional cases of cold winds, the winters are so mild that ordinary clothing is all that is required.

June 21st 1876

The weather office is moved to the courthouse 300 feet west of the schoolhouse. At this time Sgt. J. B. Campbell of the SSUSA assumed observational responsibilities.

February 11th 1882

The weather office is moved to Old Fellows Hall on the corner of 5th and Dewey (at this time, Dewey was known as Spruce Street).

December 1st 1905

The weather office is moved to the new weather bureau building located at 214 West 5th Street.

1940 (Estimated)

A weather bureau office was established at Lee Bird Field (east of town) with offices set up in the "old hangar." Pilot balloon wind observations of the upper atmosphere were initiated on October 11th.

October 1949

Weather Bureau is moved to the airport administration building.

Historic Picture #1Historic Picture #2

The above pictures are from November/December 1949.  Details provided by Henry Henley.


A new weather service building is built just west of the airport administration building. Office is entirely moved into the building by the summer of 1995.

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