National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
SAME Radio Information
and FIPS Codes

NOAA Weather Radio for Western and North Central Nebraska is programmed from the National Weather Service Office in North Platte.  All severe weather watches and warnings are tone-alerted before being broadcasted.  This tone alert, will trigger an alarm on a weather radio receiver, warning the listener of the impending weather hazard.

Most weather radio receivers will alarm for any weather watches or warnings within a transmitter broadcast area.  To eliminate alarms for counties except those counties which concern you, SAME technology is available.

SAME is short for Specific Area Message Encoder.  With SAME technology, the listener can program his or her radio to tone alert for only those county(ies) designated by the listener.  These radios are available at most electronic or hardware stores and are priced from 30 to 100 dollars. 

In order for a SAME Weather Radio to tone alert properly one of the codes from the map below must be programmed into your weather radio receiver.

  Map of FIPS Codes for
Western and North Central Nebraska
South Central South Dakota
Northeastern Colorado

FIPS codes are listed for each county which is within range of a NOAA Weather Radio Transmitter.

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