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The Cooperative Program at NWS Lake Charles

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The Lake Charles Program

The cooperative program at NWS Lake Charles is responsible for an average of 70 precipitation/temperature observing sites, six of which are Fischer-Porter sites and an additional 17 river gaging sites across Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas.  The program area covers 16 parishes in Louisiana and 6 counties in East Texas.  Recruiting new observers for that area.

  1. Training of observers.

  2. Station visits and maintenance.  Visits are conducted annually at all sites. Fischer-Porter site visitations are conducted biannually.

  3. Upkeep of B-44s which provide a complete and permanent record for a station.

  4. Quality control of the observation forms B-91s/B-92s.

  5. Quality control of Fischer-Porter tapes and a compilation of hourly rainfall amounts for each tape.

  6. Relocation of stations.

The Public Service staff ensures that all reports, which include B-91s and B-92s, and the Fischer-Porter tapes are received and that the compiled data is sent to the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) and the Southern Regional Climate Center at LSU prior to the 15th of each month.



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Notes to our observers

National Weather Service Headquarters has developed a Cooperative Observer Homepage with plenty of interesting information.

Time to prepare your Fischer-Porters for warm weather.  Beginning April 1, add one quart oil to collectors. If running low, give us a call and we will re-supply you.

 B-91 Forms - Make sure your header blocks are filled out correctly and the form is signed at the end of the month. Make sure precipitation is entered in the proper column.  Neatness is a must.


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