National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce


The WFO Lake Charles Staff 

   Management Team

Management marker Andy Patrick, Meteorologist-in-Charge

Management marker D'awndra Kirkwood, Administrative Support Assistant

Management marker Roger Erickson, Warning Coordination Meteorologist

Management marker Felix Navejar, Science and Operations Officer

Management marker James Raley, Information Technology Officer

Management marker Jonathan Brazzell, Service Hydrologist

Management marker Todd Mogged, Observation Program Leader


   Senior Forecasters

   Journeyman Forecasters

Senior Forecaster marker Stephen Carboni
Journeyman Forecaster marker Tim Humphrey
Senior Forecaster marker Lance Escudé
Journeyman Forecaster marker Donald Jones
Senior Forecaster marker Kent Kuyper
Journeyman Forecaster marker Montra Lockwood
Senior Forecaster marker Donovan Landreneau
Journeyman Forecaster marker Mike Marcotte
Senior Forecaster marker Joe Rua
Journeyman Forecaster marker Andy Tingler


   Meteorological Interns
   Electronics Technicians
Meteorological Interns marker Rob Megnia
Electronics Tech marker Ricky Guidry (Interim Electronics Systems Analyst)
Meteorological Interns marker Jared Rackley
Meteorological Interns marker Seth Warthen