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Doppler radar in Lake Charles indicated a thunderstorm with the potential of producing a tornado in the vicinity of New Iberia and a tornado warning was issued for Iberia Parish at 3:40 pm. A tornado struck at 3:45 pm near the town of Lydia, causing minor damage to trees and barns. As the tornado raced northward at close to 50 mph, it strengthened to what would later be classified as a strong F1 on the Fujita Tornado Scale, with winds approximated near 110 mph.  In the area of Neco Town Road and US 90, between Lydia and New Iberia, three mobile homes were flipped and completely destroyed.  Seven people, including children, were able to crawl out of their homes with only minor injuries.

Upon crossing highway 90, the storm destroyed another mobile home, fatally injuring two occupants.  As the storm got to LA 674 (East Admiral Doyle Drive), several brick homes received major damage.  The storm continued north to the eastern fringe of New Iberia, heavily damaging several brick homes in the Bellaire subdivision.  The tornado finally dissipated around 3:50 pm near the Cajun Sugar CoOp's sugar cane factory outside of New Iberia.

Historical information on tornadoes in Iberia Parish:

  • This was the first tornado in Iberia Parish since 1999.
    The last tornado in Iberia Parish hit Jeanerette on March 2 1999.
    Tornadoes in January have occurred before - a tornado struck New Iberia on January 2, 1999.
    This was the 20th tornado documented by the National Weather Service in Iberia Parish since 1950.
    The two fatalities associated with this storm were the first ones attributed to a tornado in Iberia Parish.


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