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Interactive Voice - Remote Observation Collection System

The new Cooperative Program data acquisition system (IV-ROCS) is now available for use.  The system can be accessed by calling toll free:

1-877-COOP-OBS (1-800-266-7627). 

The IV-ROCS voice will direct you through the data entry process.

1) Select the language.  When asked, enter 1 for English or 2 for Spanish

2) Identify yourself.  Enter your 6 digit station number (beginning with '41') and verify the read back.

3) Enter your data.  The IV-ROCS voice will ask you for your data.  You will only be asked to provide data that your station is equipped to provide.  Observation elements IV-ROCS is capable of recording are: precipitation (including snow), temperature, evaporation, soil temperature and river stage.

Special Features:

1) Key-ahead.  The system has a key-ahead feature.  As soon as you become familiar with the data entry scripts you can key-ahead quickly to speed your data entry.  When you verify or key-ahead the system will stop the script and move to the next script.  It is recommended that an observer not use the key-ahead feature until after the data is repeated to verify the accuracy of the data.

2) Entry Verification.  Enter a # after each entry to let the system know you are done.  The IV-ROCS voice will then read back your entry and ask for verification. Enter 1 if the entry is correct or 2 if you need to make a correction.  You do not need to enter the # after the data verification entry.

3) Special Characters.  Enter precipitation values without a decimal point.  The IV-ROCS will insert the decimal point at the proper place and read the value back to you.  Please remember that rain is entered to the nearest 0.01, snowfall is entered to the nearest 0.1 and snow depth is entered to the nearest inch.  To report a trace of precipitation you can use the * key on your telephone pad.  The * is also used to indicate a negative temperature.

4) Precipitation Types.  The IV-ROCS voice will ask you to report a precipitation type after you enter a precipitation amount.  You can report as many precipitation types as needed.  The precipitation types and their codes are:

To Report Keypad Entry
Rain 1
Freezing Rain 2
Drizzle 3
Freezing Drizzle 4
Snow 5
Snow Pellets 6
Snow Grains 7
Ice Pellets 8
Hail 9

5) Email Notification.  If you need your NWS representative to contact you the IV-ROCS will send an e-mail to the local office requesting that they give you a call.  Due to work schedules, it may be a couple of days before you are contacted.  The final script of the session will ask if you need to be contacted.  Enter 1 if you want to be contacted or simply hang-up if you do not.