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Severe Weather in Arkansas (Tornadoes/Deaths Since 1950)
The following graphics show tornadoes and tornado deaths in Arkansas since 1950. For a text version, click here.


Number of tornadoes from 1950 through 2019.
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Number of tornado deaths from 1950 through 2019.
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In 2019, there were 33 tornadoes and no tornado related fatalities. The busiest month was May with 19 tornadoes. The strongest tornado (rated EF2/maximum winds around 120 mph) tracked just over 31 miles from near Siloam Springs to Beaver Lake east of Rogers (Benton County) on October 21st. This tornado had a width of 1.5 miles, which is second highest in Arkansas since 1950. The widest tornado (1.65 miles/rated EF2) hit Vilonia (Faulkner County) on April 25, 2011.