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A weak tornado struck the city of Loraine on March 4, 2004 resulting in one injury and damage to several light-weight structures and vehicles. Damage surveyed by a National Weather Service meteorologist began on the south side of the city near Looby Street. From there the tornado traveled northeast producing a one mile long damage path that cut across the southeast corner of the city to near Interstate 20. Along the path, a roof was partially removed from one home and several vehicles and trailers were damaged or destroyed. About $100,000 worth of musical equipment was destroyed when a cargo trailer was rolled by the tornado. The tornado began to dissipate as it crossed Interstate 20 on the east side of the city. Before doing so, it blew two semi-trucks off the highway, injuring one driver. Several eye witnesses described seeing the tornado's condensation funnel and debris whirling beneath it.

photo of a trailer rolled on it's side

photo of a travel rolled on it's top

photo of a partially removed metal roof

photo of a irrigation system blown on it's side

photo of a roof partially removed from a residence