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Heavy rain in the Central U.S.; Unseasonable Warmth in the East

Imelda remnants swept up with a cold front will produce heavy rain that could cause flash flooding from portions of the South Plains to the Great Lakes. Lorena remnants combined with a cold front will bring thunderstorms with heavy rain, and some severe storms with hail and damaging winds to Arizona Monday. Strong winds in northern California will bring increasing fire weather threats on Monday. Read More >

Management Team

  Pat Vesper Meteorologist in Charge
    Warning Coordination Meteorologist
  Brian Curran Science & Operations Officer
  Beverly Martin Administrative Assistant
  Charles Yaws Electronic Systems Analyst



  Doug Cain Remote Sensing, Aviation, Public Program
  Jack Ciccone Co-webmaster, Climatology
  James Deberry Hydrology
  David Hennig AWIPS, Verification, Winter Weather
  Amber Hluchan WCM Assistant/Social Media/Diversity
  Rick Hluchan Webmaster, Radar, Diversity
  Gregory Murdoch Fire Weather (IMET)
  Julie Phillipson Social Media Focal
  Michelle Schuldt Storm Data, Severe Weather


Observation Program Leader / Meteorologist Interns

  Colleen Rhea Observation Program Leader
  Matt Salerno Assistant Climate Focal, Graphics Focal
  Abbi Duval Upper Air Focal, Assistant Storm Data Focal
  Scott Kleebauer  


Information Technology Officer/Electronic Technicians

  Greg Jackson Information Technology Officer
  Kristopher Harrison Radar Technician
  Danny Reed ASOS Technician