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Severe Thunderstorms Likely Across the Ozarks and Lower Ohio Valley

Severe thunderstorms capable of producing damaging wind gusts, large hail, and a few tornadoes, are likely to develop this afternoon from parts of the lower Ohio Valley into the southern Plains. An Enhanced Risk (Level 3 of 5) outlook has been issued. Further north, widespread rain showers are expected across portions of the Great Lakes and Northeast U.S. Read More >

Management Team                    Title

  Barbara DeClerck Meteorologist in Charge
  Felix Cruz Electronic Systems Analyst
  Amber Hluchan Warning Coordination Meteorologist
  Brian Curran Science & Operations Officer
  Vacant Administrative Assistant


Lead Meteorologists                 Focal Duties

  Doug Cain  
  James Deberry COOP Leader, Hydrology
  David Hennig Aviation, AWIPS, GFE, NWSEO Steward
  Rick Hluchan Office Backup, IMET, Fire Weather Program Manager, Winter Weather, Radar, Webmaster


Meteorologists                           Focal Duties

  Devin Chehak Severe Weather, Storm Data, Upper Air, Verification, Satellite
  Dave Munyan Graphics, GIS, Upper Air, Social Media, Severe Weather
  Julie Phillipson Assistant WCM, Social Media, Warn On Forecast, Storm Ready/WRN
  Vivek Shenoy  
  Christopher Stickney Climate, Diversity
  Sam Zuber COOP, GIS, Hydrology


Observation Program Leader 

  Vacant Observation Program Leader


Information Technology Officer/Electronic Technicians

  Greg Jackson Information Technology Officer
  Quentin Alexander Radar Technician
  Vacant ASOS Technician