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Winkler County Severe Weather March 28


Severe thunderstorms developed across parts of West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico during the evening of Tuesday, March 28th, 2006. One of the most damaging thunderstorms was a left-moving supercell that traveled northward across Winkler county in west Texas. This storm was responsible for producing damage to numerous structures in the communities of Wink and Kermit. The National Weather Service in Midland conducted a damage survey in these communities Wednesday.

In the community of Kermit, significant damage occurred to several structures, including the county courthouse. Most of the damage that occurred was located on the south-facing side of buildings as the strong winds drove large hail (up to the size of half dollars) northward along with the movement of the storm. Most of the windows on the south side of the county courthouse were broken.

Significant damage was also reported in the community of Wink. Most of the structures that were damaged also had heavy damage on the southern exposure. Numerous windows were broken, and the siding on many residences were heavily damaged. The Wink Junior High and High School also had a number of windows broken, with 20 sky lights on the top of the gym shattered.

There are currently no damage estimates available, but the observed damage appeared to be quite costly. The National Weather Service in Midland issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Winkler county at 6:32 PM CST Tuesday evening. Most of the damage reportedly occurred around 7:15 pm CST.  



A radar image from the NWS Midland Doppler Radar taken at 7:11 pm CST Tuesday March 28. The left-moving supercell moving northward from across Winkler county was responsible for the wind-driven hail that affected Wink and Kermit.



Broken windows observed on the south side of the Winkler county courthouse in Kermit.



Hail damage that affected a local restaurant in Kermit.



Wind-driven large hail caused siding damage to this local residence in Wink.



More hail damage to a south-facing structure in Wink.