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Scurry County Severe Weather May 4



During the late evening, a thunderstorm developed rapidly over northern portions of Scurry County.  The thunderstorm intensified rapidly into a supercell thunderstorm as it moved southeastward into the heart of Scurry County.  Based on rapid intensification and presence of a significant rotation within the storm, the National Weather Service in Midland issued a Tornado Warning for Scurry County at 9:48 pm.



The storm continued to move southeastward and reached peak intensity as it moved into the city of Snyder, producing a swath of golfball to slightly larger than baseball size hail across portions of the city.

While the storm failed to produced a tornado, major hail damage occurred in the city of Snyder. The most significant damage was in an area bounded by 30th and 37th streets, and by A and E streets.  Within this area, widespread damage occurred due to baseball size hail.  Damage viewed within this area included 110 broken windows at an apartment complex on 37th street.



Baseball size hail driven by 60 to 70 mph winds also resulted in holes in the north facing siding of three of the apartment complex buildings.  Visible hail marks were seen on all roadways dotting the ground.



Outside of this main hail area was a larger area of tennis ball size hail.  Both the Snyder Fire Department and the Police Department locations were within this hail area.  The Police Department sustained damage to 10 of 18 vehicles, with three of these vehicles getting enough damage to remove them from service.  The Fire Department sustained damage to vehicles and also to a breeze way roof.

Overall, almost all locations in Snyder received hail.  Numerous vehicles and property were damaged across town.  With such a large affected area, initial damage estimates are in the millions with this hail event - one of the most significant hail events in a decade across West Texas.