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April 23, 2007 Mitchell County Severe Weather



The National Weather Service conducted a damage survey following the tornadic thunderstorms that affected Mitchell county during the evening hours of Monday, April 23, 2007.

While video and photographs suggest that a significant tornado occurred over Mitchell county, the NWS damage survey team concluded that the tornado was located over open fields inaccessible by roadways at its maximum intensity.

Visual survey confirms that the path of the tornado started approximately just north of the intersection of Interstate 20 and southbound State Highway 208 near Colorado City, and continued to parallel the interstate to just north of the community of Loraine. The damage survey team concluded that conflicting tornado reports northwest of Westbrook were likely due to the existence of a low-hanging and well-developed wall cloud, as no damage was found in this location.

Partial damage to a field irrigation system, and visual inspection of power poles and vegetation lead the NWS damage survey team to assign the tornado an Enhanced Fujita Scale rating of EF0. Tornadic wind speeds were estimated at 80-85 mph.

Additional structure and tree damage was noted at a flea market on the south service exit 223 from Interstate 20, as well as in the community of Loraine. This damage was determined to be the result of severe straight-line rear flank downdraft (RFD) winds. The RFD winds were estimated to be 70-80 mph.

For additional information or questions regarding this damage survey, please contact the National Weather Service office in Midland at (432) 563-5006.



Photograph of the tornado near Loraine. Image courtesy of Greg Morgan.



Path of tornado as project by the NWS damage survey team.



Radar image of the tornadic storm at approximately 7:50 pm CDT Monday evening.