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Dangerous Heat in the Northeast and Northwest U.S.; Areas of Excessive Rainfall In the Ohio Valley and Southwest

Dangerous heat will continue to impact portions of the Northwest and Northeast U.S. through this evening. Monsoon showers and thunderstorms may result in flash flooding and debris flows from the Four Corners region into the Great Basin this week. A slow moving cold front will bring heavy thunderstorms which may produce excessive rainfall over the Ohio Valley and Mid-Atlantic through Wednesday. Read More >

Fig. 10. The KMAF 88D base reflectivity from 1729 to 2025 UTC showed Tropical Storm Claudette as it crossed the Rio Grande River into west Texas. The storm’s central circulation and convective spiral bands are easily seen. In addition, data from the Lightning Detection Network depicted very few cloud-to-ground strikes within the storm’s central precipitation shield with a much higher frequency of lighting strikes in the convective bands.