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On March 8, 2023, WFO San Juan made changes to their marine zones. Click here for details. 
Coastal Marine Zone Forecasts by the San Juan, PR Forecast Office - Click on the links in the table below to get the coastal marine forecast for each zone. The map below the table outlines each zone and shows the zone name and number. There are no links to the forecasts on the map. 
The NWS, through this experimental product, will now provide wave height, period, and direction in the Coastal Waters Forecast (CWF). 


Zone Name Zone Name
AMZ711: Atlantic Waters of Puerto Rico AND U.S. VI 10 NM to 17N AMZ733: Caribbean Waters of Puerto Rico from 10 NM to 17N, including the coastal waters of Saint Croix
AMZ712: Coastal Waters of Northern Puerto Rico out 10 NM AMZ735: Coastal Waters of Southern Puerto Rico out 10 NM
AMZ716: Coastal Waters from Cabo San Juan to the waters between Anegada Island and Virgin Gorda and north 10 NM AMZ741: Mona Passage Southward to 17N
AMZ723: Anegada Passage east of Virgin Gorda and Saint Croix south to 17N AMZ742: Coastal Waters of Northwestern Puerto Rico out 10 NM
AMZ726: Coastal Waters east of Puerto Rico and Vieques, and around and just north of Culebra and Saint John  AMZ745: Coastal Waters of Southwestern Puerto Rico out 10 NM


map showing marine forecast zones near San Juan, PR

Coastal Waters Forecast which includes the synopsis and all these zones

Coastal Waters Forecast (Spanish version)

Special Marine Warning(s) and Marine Weather Statement(s) for these zones

Marine Weather Message for these zones

Surf Zone Forecast

Graphical Marine Forecasts are available here. Choose the map background and forecast element and zoom in to your area of interest.

Experimental Southeastern U.S. Marine Weather Portal - includes point forecasts

Predicted Tides and Currents for these areas

Coastal Waters Forecasts are subdivided by zone, each identified by text description and a Universal Generic Code (UGC). The different colors used in the map above have no meaning and are only intended to assist in differentiating the zones.

These forecasts are also available via e-mail

NOTICE - Check time and date of forecasts. Linked data may not represent the latest forecast.

NWS Internet is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week . Timely delivery of data and products through the Internet is not guaranteed. Official NWS dissemination systems which can provide timely delivery of data and products are listed in our DISCLAIMER

Visit the San Juan, PR Forecast Office which provides links to additional products as well as regionally focused information such as point-specific marine forecasts, predicted tides and buoy observations.

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