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Radar Product Central Collection/Distribution Service (RPCCDS)


Next Generation Weather Radar (NEXRAD) makes conventional reflectivity observations and also uses the "Doppler effect" to measure motion of clear air and atmospheric phenomena within storms. The maximum range of NEXRAD is 230 kilometers (125 nautical miles). Although NEXRAD is land-based, there is some radar coverage offshore. The greatest offshore coverage is along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.

External NEXRAD Radar data users can receive products through the Radar Product Central Collection/Distribution Service (RPCCDS) by a variety of means. Visit the RPCCDS Webpage for further details.

NEXRAD Doppler radar images and loops are available on the Internet from the NWS National Doppler Radar Sites webpage.

Software tools designed to visualize and decode radar data

An archive of NEXRAD data is available at the National Center for Environmental Information.