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Locations of all 47 Weather Forecast Offices and 3 National Centers with marine forecast and warning responsibility 

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East Coast Coastal Forecasts (Including San Juan PR) Gulf Coast Coastal Forecasts  West Coast and Pacific Coastal Forecasts Alaskan Coast Coastal Forecasts
Caribou, ME Key West, FL Seattle, WA SE Inner Coastal Waters
Gray/Portland, ME Tampa, FL Portland, OR SE Outside Coastal Waters
Taunton, MA Tallahassee, FL Medford, OR Yakutat Bay
New York, NY Mobile, AL Eureka, CA North Gulf Coast and Kodiak
Philadelphia/New Jersey New Orleans, LA San Francisco, CA Southwest AK and the Aleutians
Washington, DC/Maryland Lake Charles, LA Los Angeles/Oxnard, CA Western AK
Wakefield, VA Houston/Galveston, TX San Diego, CA Arctic Coast
Newport/Morehead City, NC Corpus Christi, TX Hawaii Sea Ice Outlook
Wilmington, NC Brownsville, TX Marianas (Guam) Sea Ice Advisory
Charleston, SC   East Micronesia  
Jacksonville, FL   West Micronesia  
Melbourne, FL   American Samoa  
Miami, FL      
San Juan, PR      


Great Lakes Nearshore Forecasts Great Lakes Open Marine Forecasts (Includes MAFOR) and other Great Lakes Products


Offshore Forecasts - East Coast, Tropical Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico Offshore Forecasts - West Coast, Alaska and Pacific
New England Washington, Oregon
Mid-Atlantic California
Tropical Atlantic (Zones AMZ040-AMZ062) Eastern Gulf of Alaska
SW North Atlantic Including the Bahamas (Zones AMZ063-AMZ088) Western Gulf of Alaska
Caribbean Bering Sea
Gulf of Mexico U.S. Arctic
  Eastern Pacific - Mexico
  Eastern Pacific - Equatorial


High Seas Forecasts - Atlantic High Seas Forecasts - Pacific
W. Atlantic GMDSS Metarea IV E. Pacific GMDSS Metarea XII
Tropical Atlantic S. Mid-Pacific
  Northeast Pacific
  North Mid Pacific
  Mexico High Seas


NAVTEX (GMDSS) Forecasts - Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico (Including BCharacter (Station Identifier)) NAVTEX (GMDSS) Forecasts - Pacific (Including BCharacter (Station Identifier))
Atlantic Hurricane Outlooks and Advisories Eastern Pacific Hurricane Outlooks and Advisories Central Pacific Hurricane Outlooks and Advisories Western Pacific Hurricane Advisories
Surf Zone and Recreational Forecasts Surf Zone and Recreational Forecasts Great Lakes Surf Zone Forecasts
Marine Weather Messages (Small Craft Advisory, Gale Warning etc.) Marine Weather Messages (Small Craft Advisory, Gale Warning etc.) Great Lakes Marine Weather Messages
Special Marine Warnings Special Marine Warnings Great Lakes Special Marine Warnings 


Marine Weather Statements Marine Weather Statements Great Lakes Marine Weather Statements 


Pacific Tsunami Warning Center Products

National Tsunami Warning Center Products
Radiofax Charts



Marine observations from NOAA fixed and drifting data buoys and Coastal-Marine Automated Network (C-MAN) stations may be found at the National Data Buoy Center webpage.


National Ice Center
USCG International Ice Patrol
TIDACY Philadelphia/New Jersey
TIDAKQ Wakefield, VA
TIDCHS Charleston, SC
TIDTAE Tallahassee, FL
TIDLIX New Orleans, LA
TIDHGX Houston/Galveston, TX
TIDCRP Corpus Christi, TX
TIDBRO Brownsville, TX
TIDGUM Marianas (Guam)
For tide predictions and questions about tides, visit NOAA's National Ocean Service Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS)