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Dangerous Heat in the Western U.S.; Heavy Rain and Flooding Potential in the Southern Rockies and Southwest

Widespread high temperatures in the 90s with heat indices exceeding 100 degrees will persist across the western U.S. this weekend into the week. There are fire weather concerns in the Pacific Northwest and the Great Basin. Monsoon conditions continue to linger across the Southern Rockies and Southwest posing a heavy rainfall threat which may lead to additional flash flooding concerns. Read More >

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Coos bay
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Coastal waters   Southern WA to Central OR
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Buoy map
  Oregon buoy - 46002
Washington buoy - 46005
Southeast Papa buoy - 46006
Eel River buoy - 46022
Port Orford bouy- 46015
St. Georges buoy - 46027
Columbia Bar buoy - 46029
Blunts Reef buoy - 46030
South Nomad buoy - 46036
Stonewall Bank buoy - 46050
La Perouse Bank buoy - 46206
CDIP Coos Bay stn 135
Coos Bay Wave Period Bands
Cape Arago, OR - CARO3
Destruction Island, WA - DESW1
Newport, OR - NWPO3
Smith Island, WA - SISW1
Tatoosh Island, WA - TTIW1
West Point, WA - WPOW1
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Oregon (past several days and out several days) ;
South Beach
Port Orford
California ;
Crescent City
North Spit
Other US locations (past several days and out several days)
Pacific Northwest 2011 tide tables

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NOAA GFS Wave - (National) - Wave height (meters), wind speed (knots) and direction, wave direction and period

     Oregon and Washington



NWPS - (Local) - Wave height, period, direction, individual wave systems 

     Southern Oregon waters (Florence to Pt. St. George)

     Chetco Bar and vicinity     

     Gold Beach to Cape Blanco   

     Coos and Winchester Bays