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  • Simulation of Winds and Waves

Reexamining the Weather During the Final Voyage of the Edmund Fitzgerald

In 2006, Hultquist, et al. re-examined the weather conditions during the final voyage of the Edmund Fitzgerald.  In particular, this paper showed that the worst conditions were coincident with the time and location at which the Fitzgerald was lost. Mesoscale modeling in this study showed sustained winds near storm force (48 kt) and significant waves of 25+ feet.

Modeled Winds at 7 pm EST November 10, 1975. Purple denotes winds near storm force (45+ kt).

Modeled Waves at 7 pm EST November 10, 1975. Maximum waves of 25+ ft are near where the Fitzgerald was lost.


Animations of modeled winds and waves valid from 1 pm EST on November 9th, 1975 through 10 pm EST on November 10th, 1975.



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