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1913 Omaha Nebraska Easter Tornado Photo Gallery

Photos Courtesy of the MARDOS Memorial Library ( housed at

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Auto Garage 36th & Cuming, showing how easily a powerful machine can be overturned.


Home of Otto Baysdorfer, 44th & Harney. This home sat on a terrace facing Harney, it now faces 44th.


Wreck of Arthur Brandeis' Beautiful Home.

Aug. Carsten's Home, 4402 Leavenworth Street.


Mr. C. F. Hopper's Residence, 4203 Farnum, House Standing on Side.


The Diamond Moving Picture Show where several people were killed.

Wreck on the roof of the Child Saving Institute. The Child Saving Institute was on the edge of the storm and therefore escaped serious damage. Nevertheless two babies were blown out of the windows and killed.


The wreckage of the home of Charles Black. This was a handsome two-story house, located at 3814 Davenport. Mr. Black was not at home but his family was buried in the cellar. They escaped uninjured. Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Harris were also in the house and were injured.


Inspecting their former home. The picture is of Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Dozier on the site of their former home at 3812 Davenport. The entire family was more or less bruised, but none of them seriously.

Residence of Dick Thompson at 16th & Binney Streets. This house was blown out into the middle of the street.

J. H. Driscol's Home, 4222 Farnam. Searching the wreckage for some of their belongings.


Home of George Duncan, 41st & Farnam, who was killed. Those in the picture are Mrs. A. V. Dresher, Mrs. McKnight, Mrs. Ellis & Miss Duncan.

Electric Garage, 40th & Farnam, where several thousand dollars of autos were destroyed.


4113-15-17 Farnam Street. One person killed in each home, Miss Mabel McBride, Mr. Archer & Mr. A. Y. Peck.


What wind did to garage at 40th & Farnam. The autos are hanging seemingly by nothing, but are really held by masses of debris.

Southwest from 32nd & Franklin.

German Lutheran Church at 28th & Parker.

Residence District 29th & Hamilton.

Tolf Hanson's home, Beemis Park Disctrict.


A Harney Street family in the driving snow looking for their valuables.


Hyland Terrace, 40th & Dewey Avenue.

Removing Bodies from the Idlewild Pool Hall, 24th & Grand where 14 lost their lives.


This is all that is left of J. D. McCartney's home, 4249 Harney.


There is a guard on duty in front of the Joslyn castle. Soldier boy standing watch over machine of George A. Joslyn, which was hurled into a wall.

George A. Joslyn's Conservatory


George A. Joslyn Palace

Northeast corner, 24th & Lake

They were blown from home. Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Williams and their daughter hung to their piano during Sunday's storm until they were blown from the second story of their home near 24th & Lake streets. They were not badly hurt.


Keeline Garage made in kindling by the big storm. The garage of Arthur R. Keeline at 128 S. 35th avenue, was turned upside down by Sunday's storm. His automobile seemed to have been picked up last and just slammed on top of the wreckage for decoration.


Judge Slabaugh is trying to save a little something from the ruins. Judge Slabaugh's home in the West Farnam district was a total wreck. All morning he worked trying to gather something from what had once been his home. His dog stayed with him all day.

M.D. Cameron, 3507 Cumming St. who was taken from the ruins.


20th & Miami, looking West from Sherman Avenue


Looking South on 19th and Locust Street.

38th St. near California St., Sacred Heart Convent in the distance


38th St. near Davenport St.


42nd and Harney St. looking north-west.

Child Saving Institute

Overturned street car at 47th & Leavenworth and 3 passengers received only minor injuries.

A house blown into the street. This picture was taken on Patrick Avenue.

Residence at 27th & Patrick Avenue

Sacred Heart Academy, 36th & Burt, showing North wall out.


Charles H. Pickens, 112 North 39th

The Plymouth Congregational Church at the Boulevard & Spencer Street, was completely demolished by the storm. The Rev. Leavitt is the Pastor.


A view of the wreckage at 4115-17-19 Farnam street where Miss Mabel McBride and A. J. Peck met their death. This land is in a hollow, and here the force of the wind was terrific. The houses were crumpled like cardboard and the occupants crushed.


A. C. Schultz's Grocery & Meat Market, 4344 Leavenworth

The Sullivan house, 4211 Harney where Mrs. Sullivan was killed.


What the wind did to a fashionable house out on 38th Street


Auto Garage of Alice H. Weiss, 3525 Cumming St.

Two homes of S Levin, 3419-21 Cumming St. Mr. & Mrs. Levin and daughter were completely covered in the wreck and were rescued several hours later.


The remains of the Trinity Methodist Church, at 21st & Binney. It is one of the oldest Methodist Churches in the city. No one was injured in the church.


Car on 24th Street line, which was in the storm. It was caught by the storm near Lake Street. Every window in the car was broken.

The passengers escaped death by lying down on the floor of the car. The wagon which is shown in the picture came from some unknown place. It was jammed into the end of the car.

24th Street Looking North from Erskine Street


How big trees were uprooted by the storm. This picture was taken near the corner of 24th & Erskine Streets. Besides the uprooting of the tree, the picture shows how the wind bent a big waste pipe.




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