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Powerful Nor'easter To Wallop Parts Of The Northeast and New England

A powerful Nor'easter and winter storm is expected to wallop eastern parts of the Northeast and New England this weekend. Plenty of hazards are expected to impact the Northeastern U.S. from heavy snow, with significant accumulations expected, to high winds and coastal issues. The combination of the intense snow and strong winds will result in blizzard conditions, especially along coastal areas. Read More >

The National Weather Service (NWS) is the agency of the Federal Government charged with providing weather, water, and climate data, along with forecasts and warnings for the protection of life and property and the enhancement of the national economy. Achieving this goal is a team effort, requiring input from a numerous scientists and technical experts across the country. To maintain expertise within the agency we are always looking to foster interest and learning in the next generation of potential NWS employees. Thus we offer a variety of opportunities for interested students that range in complexity from a basic introduction to the NWS, to in depth on the job training.


Opportunities for students in the NWS fall into three main categories:


Job Shadowing

A good option for students who are interested in or undecided about a career in meteorology, hydrology, atmospheric science or climatology.

Student Volunteering

Suggested for college level students (junior standing or above) who are actively pursuing a degree or career meteorology, atmospheric science, hydrology, climatology, or engineering.

Paid Internships

An excellent option for those planning or seeking a career with the National Weather Service. These are highly competitive and are generally only offered to actively enrolled university or college students with a junior, senior or graduate level standing.


*It is entirely possible for a student to progress through all three of the options above on their way to a career in with the NWS. To get more details about each of the opportunities above, check out the tabs to the right.


For additional information or help with applying, please contact

Job shadowing is the most basic program offered by the National Weather Service (NWS) in Omaha. It is aimed at students who are interested in a possible career in meteorology, hydrology, atmospheric science, climatology or engineering, with an emphasis on the operational forecast environment. As part of a job shadow, students receive a tour of our office, spend 2-6 hours with a NWS Omaha meteorologist observing the forecast process, and discuss career opportunities. Parents or guardians are welcome to join their students (encouraged for pre-college level students). There are three levels of job shadow available.


NOUS43 KOAX 150343

Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Omaha/Valley NE
943 PM CST Fri Jan 14 2022


Location Amount Time/Date Lat/Lon


...Harrison County...
2 NW Little Sioux 1.9 in 0510 PM 01/14 41.83N/96.05W

...Mills County...
Silver City 1.6 in 0846 PM 01/14 41.11N/95.64W

...Pottawattamie County...
1 NNE Council Bluffs 2.1 in 0830 PM 01/14 41.26N/95.85W
5 WSW Underwood 1.9 in 0928 PM 01/14 41.36N/95.77W


...Cass County...
2 ENE Murray 1.0 in 0915 PM 01/14 40.92N/95.89W

...Douglas County...
3 SE Bennington 2.3 in 0921 PM 01/14 41.34N/96.12W
3 WNW Ralston 1.6 in 0830 PM 01/14 41.23N/96.09W
3 ENE Elkhorn 1.5 in 0817 PM 01/14 41.29N/96.18W
1 W Omaha 1.3 in 0916 PM 01/14 41.26N/96.02W
5 NNE Omaha 1.0 in 0600 PM 01/14 41.33N/95.96W
1 WSW Omaha 1.0 in 0750 PM 01/14 41.26N/96.02W
Millard 1.0 in 0910 PM 01/14 41.21N/96.16W
5 NNE Boys Town 1.0 in 0910 PM 01/14 41.32N/96.08W
7 ENE Omaha 0.6 in 0600 PM 01/14 41.30N/95.89W
1 NNW Omaha 0.5 in 0530 PM 01/14 41.28N/96.02W
3 E Omaha 0.5 in 0549 PM 01/14 41.26N/95.96W
1 WNW Valley 0.5 in 0600 PM 01/14 41.32N/96.37W
1 W Boys Town 0.5 in 0852 PM 01/14 41.26N/96.16W

...Jefferson County...
1 SSE Fairbury 0.9 in 0900 PM 01/14 40.13N/97.17W
Fairbury 0.7 in 0411 PM 01/14 40.14N/97.18W

...Lancaster County...
3 SE Lincoln 0.3 in 0859 PM 01/14 40.79N/96.64W

...Nemaha County...
4 WNW Nemaha 1.8 in 0938 PM 01/14 40.37N/95.75W

...Sarpy County...
Bellevue 1.8 in 0854 PM 01/14 41.16N/95.92W
2 SW Bellevue 1.6 in 0855 PM 01/14 41.13N/95.95W
1 NW Bellevue 1.0 in 0926 PM 01/14 41.16N/95.93W
1 SSW Gretna 0.7 in 0609 PM 01/14 41.13N/96.25W
2 SE Bellevue 0.4 in 0905 PM 01/14 41.14N/95.89W

...Saunders County...
3 E Ceresco 1.5 in 0843 PM 01/14 41.06N/96.59W
Ashland 0.5 in 0852 PM 01/14 41.04N/96.37W

...Seward County...
Seward 0.3 in 0908 PM 01/14 40.91N/97.10W

Observations are collected from a variety of sources with varying
equipment and exposures. We thank all volunteer weather observers
for their dedication. Not all data listed are considered official.


The Student Volunteer Program at the National Weather Service (NWS) in Omaha is a step above the job shadow program, offering students an opportunity to spend 1-2 days a week in a professional setting during a spring, summer or fall semester. This program is fully volunteer (non-paid) and allows students to work one-on-one with members of the NWS Omaha staff, while gaining valuable work experience in an operational environment. The volunteer program is competitive, and provides students with mentoring and the opportunity to conduct a research project focused on local topics. Student volunteer positions are best suited for junior, senior or graduate level students who are actively majoring meteorology, atmospheric science, hydrology, climatology, or engineering.


Application Deadlines

  • Summer 2022: February 15th, 2022
  • Fall 2022: June 15th, 2022
  • Spring 2023: October 15th, 2022



  • U.S. Citizenship
  • Undergraduate (going into junior or senior year) or graduate college student
  • Students should have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Completed an Introductory Meteorology course
  • Be able to provide fingerprints and pass a background security investigation


Application Process

Students interesting in applying to a volunteer position at NWS Omaha need to complete the following to be considered:

  • Application Form (Google Form)
  • Submit a 1-2 page resume
  • Submit a current college transcript (An unofficial transcript is acceptable, but we will ultimately need an official copy if you are selected)

Once the deadline for applications has passed, we will review all the submitted applications and make a selection. An interview by phone or Skype may be requested as part of the selection process.

If you are selected you will need to submit fingerprints and pass a background security investigation. This is required for all volunteers or potential employees at federal agencies, and can take 6-8 weeks. Once the background check is complete, we will contact you to discuss a schedule for your volunteer period.


Expectations & Duties

Volunteer Hours: Students should expect to spend 8-12 hours per week volunteering at NWS Omaha.

Research Project: During your first week volunteering, we will discuss and lay out a plan for a research project. Research projects are generally focused on a student’s area of interest with the goal of providing a tangible benefit to the office. An opportunity will be provided at the end of your volunteer period for you to present your research findings to the NWS Omaha staff.


Additional Expectations

  • Students will become familiar with NWS operations, policies and procedures, software and computer systems, and hydrological/meteorological products
  • Assist meteorologists during severe weather operations
  • Students may join NWS staff for COOP visits and assist in upper air duties
  • Opportunities to participate in post-event severe weather verification may occur
  • The opportunity to become upper air certified may be considered
  • Student may be able to get college credit for their volunteer hours


For additional information or help with applying, please contact

Paid internship positions within the National Weather Service (NWS) can be a challenge to find and are generally very completive. They are not offered directly by local forecast offices (though local offices including NWS Omaha routinely host paid interns), but rather determined at the national level. That said, they offer one of the most in-depth and challenging introductions to a career with the NWS. It his highly recommended that anyone seeking a career with the NWS consider applying for these positions when they become available.


Paid internships with the NWS are offered through the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Pathways Program. This program offers students an opportunity to work directly for the NWS while in school, and the chance to be converted to a full time employee upon successful completion of the program.


For additional information or help with applying, please contact