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The National Weather Service in Omaha/Valley is recommending no longer creating the three products listed below.  The information within these products is available in more readily accessible and more easily viewable formats.  These products will stop being created on July 1st. Please provide feedback before that time.  

RVAOAX  - Rivers and Lakes Summary (product link)

This is a summary of current river observations.  This information is created by the NWS in many places already. Specifically a summary is available on the AHPS website at:  


RR1OAX - Omaha Metro Precipitation Summary (product link)

This information is already sent out via the two links below.

RTP - Temperature and Precipitation Table


RR2OAX - Alert Network Rain Summary (product link)

This information is available in a more complete format from the USGS at the following link:

USGS Omaha Metro Rain Data


Please address any feedback to