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Historic rains fell across portions of southeast Nebraska during the evening hours of May 6th and into the early morning hours of May 7th. Rainfall amounts exceeding 6 to 7 inches were common.  The highest official reports received by the NWS was 10.91 inches in Hebron.  The rain wasn't just heavy, it rain fell over a large area.  The resulting runoff led to record river levels along the Little Blue River, Salt Creek and Turkey Creek.  The town of DeWitt (pictured right) was completely flooded from Turkey Creek and the Big Blue River. In Lincoln, Salt Creek saw its highest crest in over a 100 years. The levee system in Lincoln was pushed to the limit but held the water back. In Fairbury the Little Blue River overflowed the railroad tracks east of town. The water rose so fast, city officials didn't have time to put in a levee gate over the tracks and instead used rip rap (pictured below).  Flood damages reached far and wide and totaled over $13 million when it was all said and done.

DeWitt, Nebraska underwater after heavy rains
Image Image Image
Intersection near DeWitt Flooding near Hebron
Source: Nebraska Governors Office

Railroad track near Fairbury
Source: Jefferson County EMA

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