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Welcome to the Blue Ridge Barometer page. Our newsletter's name reflects the fact that the Blue Ridge bisects our region. Additionally, a barometer is not only a measure of atmospheric pressure, but also something that signals and gauges general changes in conditions (for example, new hires in the office, or changes in products, science, forecasts, or policies).

This newsletter is a means of communication with Emergency Managers, Storm Spotters, media, government officials, and the general public within our county warning area. It is published twice a year, usually in the spring and fall. There is a broad range of meteorological information in the newsletters, such as the past season's weather/climate, the upcoming seasonal outlook, and significant storms that affected our region. Other topics can range from hydrology, winter weather, weather affecting aviation, safety tips, and much more. Articles are written by our own local staff and guest authors.

Feel free to send questions and comments regarding the newsletter.

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* Fall 2012 - Fall 2013 editions: NOAA 'Bout Weather

* Spring 2014 - Spring 2020 editions: Blue Ridge Thunder