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Summer Briefing

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Summer Weather Definitions

Tornado or Severe Thunderstorm WATCH:

Conditions are favorable for the development of tornadoes, large hail, and/or damaging winds.

Tornado WARNING:

A tornado has been detected on radar or sighted by trained spotters.

Severe Thunderstorm WARNING:

A severe thunderstorm has been detected on radar or reported by trained spotters. A severe thunderstorm is a storm that produces hail 1 inch or larger and/or winds 58 mph or greater

Severe Thunderstorm Outlook Terms:
  • Marginal Risk:

    Isolated severe thunderstorms are possible.

  • Slight Risk:

    Scattered or short-lived severe thunderstorms are possible.

  • Enhanced Risk:

    Numerous or persistent severe thunderstorms are possible.

  • Moderate Risk:

    Widespread, long-lived, and intense severe thunderstorms are likely.

  • High Risk:

    Widespread, long-lived, and particularly intense severe thunderstorms are expected.

Flood WATCH:

Conditions are favorable for flooding.

Flash Flood WARNING:

Life-threatening flooding is detected on radar, indicated by stream gauges, or reported by storm spotters. A flash flood is a flood that occurs very quickly; it is caused by heavy rainfall over a short period of time or from a dam break.


Rivers overflowing their banks or water covering a normally dry area. Floods are usually caused by heavy rain over a long period of time, rapidly melting snow, or ice jams.

Urban or Small Stream Flood ADVISORY:

Flooding of small streams, streets, and low-lying areas such as underpasses and storm drains.

Excessive Heat WARNING:

Heat index 105 degrees or higher, with a minimum heat index of 75 degrees for 48 hours or longer; or heat index of 100 degrees or higher for four consecutive days.


Heat index 100 degrees or higher; or heat index between 95 and 100 degrees for four consecutive days.