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Severe Thunderstorms in Northwest Texas; Dry Conditions and Gusty Winds Across Colorado

A few severe thunderstorms capable of producing large hail and gusty winds will be possible this afternoon and evening across northwest Texas. Dry conditions and gusty winds will persist across southern Colorado today. Read More >

CWSU Indianapolis, Indiana

Center Weather Service Units (CWSUs) are joint Federal Aviation Administration/National Weather Service weather support units staffed 16 hours per day by NWS personnel to provide meteorological support to 21 Air Traffic Control facilities within the United States.

Our mission is to detect and predict weather conditions hazardous to aviation and disseminate this information to the appropriate positions and Air Traffic Facilities within the center's airspace. Our primary function is to provide meteorological consultation, forecasting and advice regarding weather that may have potential impacts on air traffic operations. This includes
providing up to the minute weather information to FAA Supervisors and the ZID Traffic Management Unit (TMU). Some of the products issued by the CWSU are icing, turbulence and thunderstorm forecasts, TAF outlooks, Center Weather Advisories (CWAs) and the Meteorological Impact Statements (MISs). CWSUs also work collaboratively with the Aviation Weather Center in Kansas City. 

  • CWA: Aviation weather warning for thunderstorms, severe icing or turbulence, or low IFR ceilings and visibility.
  • MIS: 2-12 hour forecast for weather conditions, which are expected to impact ARTCC operations or a way to disseminate outage or service backup information.
The Indianapolis Center Weather Service Unit (ZID CWSU) is located at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) in Indianapolis, IN. Four National Weather Service meteorologists staff the office, including 3 forecast meteorologists and one meteorologist-in-charge. Our hours of operation are from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily.

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