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Moderating Temperatures for the East; Developing Storm for the Plains

Temperatures will continue to moderate across the east half of the nation through at least the first half of this week. A developing storm across the Southern Plains may bring some heavy rain from the Plains to the lower Great Lakes region, a wintry mixture and accumulating snow across the Midwest and Upper Mississippi Valley into mid-week. The west remains unsettled with occasional rain and snow. Read More >

The following compiled data for vertical winds and freezing levels are from AMDAR reports (last hour) and RAP soundings (+1hr forecast). The AMDAR data is for flights into/from the terminal and RAP data is at the terminal.

On the left side of each column is the max wind (kt) up to 5,000ft over the count of reports above the listed speeds (35, 40, 45, and 50kt). Hovering over this gives you the averaged winds near various levels (reports within ±250ft), the level of the max wind (ft), and calculated shear (kt) to the surface based on the AMDAR average wind at the level (005, 010, 015, and 020) and the surface METAR.

On the right side are the highest and lowest freezing levels (ft) measured in the column. Only one is listed if the highest and lowest freezing levels are the same. Hovering over this gives you the averaged temps (°C) near various levels (reports within ±250ft).

Higher winds will be highlighted red, a deep-layer of winds >40kt below 5000ft will be italicized, and lower freezing levels will be highlighted blue.

For the graphs, red is max wind up to 5,000ft and the averaged max wind up to 5,000ft, blue is highest and lowest freezing level, thin orange is the RAP max wind, and thin cyan is the RAP freezing level. The RAP values are unlabeled.

The averaged max wind was added to smooth out spikes in the max wind reports and give a more representative value. The averaged winds are over 500ft vertical spans.

For data archived over the past approximately four weeks, select the desired day of month in the "Archive Date" select box.

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