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Pre-Duty Controller Weather Briefing
The Pre-Duty Controller Weather Briefing is designed to increase controller situational awareness. This video is for ATC planning purposes only. It is produced by the Center Weather Service Unit three times daily. After hours or during changing weather this briefing may not represent the latest information. This product does not replace pilot pre-flight briefings.


This video was based on the Pre-Duty/Stand-Up Weather Briefing Page, and this Worksheet is used during Stand-Up Briefings.

If your browser did not allow embedded video or it did not update when expected, please open the ZSEPDWB.mp4 file directly at
   NIDS/CMS (default) or Western Region.

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Latest Data:

FTUS46 KSEW 011133
KSEA 011133Z 0112/0218 17011KT P6SM VCSH SCT025 OVC060
FM011300 18010G18KT 6SM -SHRASN SCT025 OVC040
FM011800 19010KT P6SM -SHRA SCT040 OVC060
FM020300 11006KT P6SM -SHRA BKN050
FM020800 16005KT P6SM -SHRASN OVC035
FM021700 18009G15KT P6SM -SHRA SCT040 OVC060=

FTUS46 KPQR 011144
KPDX 011144Z 0112/0212 18012KT P6SM -SHRASN SCT015 OVC025
TEMPO 0112/0116 5SM -SHRASN BKN015 OVC025
FM012200 13009KT P6SM -SHRA FEW025 BKN050
FM020600 17010KT P6SM -SHRASN SCT015 OVC025=