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Use the options below to select different sites for a TAF Tactical Decision Aid (TDA). This will use the lowest/worst case forecast for the specified time. You also can update the URL parameters to try to select TAFs not in the drop-down menu. For the URL parameters you can select the id(s) (&id=KSEA,KPDX,KGEG) and be sure use the 4-letter ICAO outside CONUS, hours (&hours=6), output type (0=detailed/1=brief/2=one-line/4=graphical, &size=1), color coding (0=intesity background/1=type background/2=text color/4=graphical, &color=1), TAF text (0=no/1=yes, &text=1), and include/skip METAR observation (0=include/1=skip, &hidementar=0) in italics. More detailed coding info is availble by hovering over Info cell for the non-graphical versions. Hovering over the rows will display the raw TAF. Note that multiple IDs default to one-line output type and intensity background color. The graphical, detailed, and brief versions only work for one site at a time. Some international or military TAF formats may not decode properly.

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