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NWS Charleston is responsibile for issuing special products when tropical cyclones threaten southeast South Carolina and portions of southeast Georgia. These products include Hurricane Local Statements which detail the status of the storm, the possible impacts to the local area and recommended precautionary and preparedeness actions. Graphics which describe what hazards you should prepare for are also provided. Below you will find numerous links to obtain the latest on the tropics as well as various products you can use to prepare for a tropical storm or hurricane. There is also information on past tropical cyclones that have affected the region.


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Tropical Atlantic Infrared Satellite Image

Satellite Imagery

Satellite imagery of the tropical regions.

Visible | Infrared | Water Vapor

Tropical Atlantic Surface Weather Map

Tropical Atlantic Weather Map

Surface analysis of weather features across the tropical Atlantic.



Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook

Tropical Weather Outlook

Graphic indicating areas/chances of tropical/sub-tropical cyclone development over the next 48 hours.

Tropical Cyclone Impact Graphics

Tropical Cyclone Impact Graphics

Experimental graphics indicating the potential impacts from 4 tropical cyclone hazards:

Wind | Storm Surge | Rainfall | Tornadoes

Probabilistic Storm Surge/Inundation Forecasts

Probabilistic Storm Surge/Inundation Heights

Probabilities of inundation (water height above land) from hurricane storm surge.



NWS Charleston Products

NOTE: Valid only when there is a Tropical Storm/Hurricane Watch or Warning in effect for Southeast South Carolina/Georgia.

National Hurricane Center Products

Storm Surge/Inundation Information

Safety/Preparedness Information

Evacuation Information

South Carolina:


Historical Tropical Cyclone Information

Additional Information