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Hurricane Maria Forecast To Bring Impacts To East Coast

Hurricane Maria will approach the Mid-Atlantic coast early this week then finally shove eastward into the open Atlantic. Maria will likely not make landfall but will come close to portions of North Carolina midweek and could bring tropical storm force winds, locally heavy rain, storm surge, and very rough surf. Maria will create hazardous surf and rip currents for much of the East Coast this week. Read More >


Cooperative Observers

The National Weather Service is looking for volunteer Cooperative Weather Observers in the following locations:

Western North Carolina: Marion, Patterson, Celo, Robbinsville and Rosman.

We would provide the necessary equipment and training. If interested, please leave a message at 800-267-8101 or send an email to

The National Cooperative Observer is an online newsletter. The National Cooperative Observer contains interesting articles about cooperative observers, data, and recent length of service awards.

WFO Greenville-Spartanburg

There are 120 cooperative observers in the Greenville-Spartanburg County Warning Area. Across the nation there are over 8,000 such observers taking daily readings of temperature, precipitation as well as river levels and a number of other types of observations. All of these observers provide data on a volunteer basis with NWS equipment which is installed and maintained by the NWS on the observer's property.

The data are forwarded to the NWS office at Greenville-Spartanburg. Thereafter they are delivered to the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) once a month. If you needed climatological data for any of these diverse locations you would simply contact the NCDC (we no longer have hard copies of the data at our office). These data are used by NCDC to augment a diverse set of climatological data sets which track everything from global warming to drought.

See this link for more information about the Cooperative Observer program.

The map below shows the location of each of our coop sites. Click on the map for a larger view.
Map of Cooperative Observer locations in our CWA