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Severe thunderstorms likely from the Midwest to the Mississippi Valley

Severe thunderstorms capable of producing damaging winds, very large hail, and a few strong tornadoes are likely today and tonight from the Midwest to the lower Mississippi Valley region. Some of the storms could produce heavy rainfall and flooding of low lying areas. Read More >


Office Picture



  • Steve Wilkinson, Meteorologist in Charge (MIC)
  • Dr. William Martin, Science and Operations Officer (SOO)
  • Tony Sturey, Warning Coordination Meteorologist (WCM)
  • Vacant, Electronics Systems Analyst (ESA)
  • Chris Horne, Observing Program Leader (OPL)
  • Katie Fox, Administrative Services Assistant (ASA)


Information Technology Officer

  • Vacant


Service Hydrologist

  • Joshua Palmer


Lead Forecasters

  • Rodney Hinson (WSR-88D Focal Point)
  • Harry Gerapetritis (PC/Automation, IFPS/GFE)
  • Pat Moore (Case Study Focal Point and Co Web master)
  • Justin Lane (Severe Weather, Storm Data and Verification Focal Point)
  • Trisha Palmer


General Forecasters

  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • Andrew Kimball (Tropical, Aviation, and Gridded Verification Focal Point)
  • Jake Wimberley (AWIPS Focal Point)
  • Danny Gant (GIS Programmer, Winter Weather, and Co Web master)


Hydro Meteorological Technician

  • Doug Outlaw (Observations, Asst. Safety and Health, Coop QC&Supplies)


Meteorologist Interns

  • Scott Krentz (Librarian, and Fire Weather Focal Point)
  • Jeffrey Taylor (Climatology, Satellite, and Diversity/EEO Focal Point)
  • Lauren Visin (Social Media Focal Point)


Electronics Technicians

  • Joe Figueiredo (Environmental Compliance Focal Point)
  • Lee Huber


Regional Maintenance Specialist

  • Brian Campbell


Facilities Engineering Technician

  • John Clark