National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

Office Picture



  • Steve Wilkinson, Meteorologist in Charge (MIC)
  • Dr. William Martin, Science and Operations Officer (SOO)
  • Tony Sturey, Warning Coordination Meteorologist (WCM)
  • Lee Huber, Electronics Systems Analyst (ESA)
  • Chris Horne, Observing Program Leader (OPL)
  • Katie Fox, Administrative Services Assistant (ASA)


Information Technology Officer

  • Angel Montanez


Service Hydrologist

  • Joshua Palmer


Lead Forecasters

  • Rodney Hinson (WSR-88D Focal Point)
  • Harry Gerapetritis (PC/Automation, IFPS/GFE)
  • Pat Moore (Case Study Focal Point and Co Web master)
  • Justin Lane (Severe Weather, Storm Data and Verification Focal Point)
  • Trisha Palmer(Decision Support Services Team Leader, Integrated Warning Team Focal Point)


General Forecasters

  • Vacant
  • Sandy LaCorte
  • Andrew Kimball (Tropical, Aviation, and Gridded Verification Focal Point)
  • Jake Wimberley (AWIPS Focal Point)
  • Danny Gant (GIS Focal Point and Programmer, Winter Weather Focal Point, and Co Web master)


Hydro Meteorological Technician

  • Doug Outlaw (Observations, Asst. Safety and Health, Coop QC&Supplies)


Meteorologist Interns

  • Scott Krentz (Librarian, and Fire Weather Focal Point)
  • Jeffrey Taylor (Climatology, Satellite, and Diversity/EEO Focal Point)
  • Lauren Carroll (Social Media Focal Point)


Electronics Technicians

  • Joe Figueiredo (Environmental Compliance Focal Point)
  • Vacant


Regional Maintenance Specialist

  • Brian Campbell


Facilities Engineering Technician

  • John Clark