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An Active Weather Wednesday

Strong to severe thunderstorms are possible on Wednesday in parts of the Ohio Valley, Upper Mississippi Valley and south-central Plains. These storms may produce heavy rain and flooding in the Ohio Valley. Meanwhile, a strong cold front will sweep through the Northwest U.S. with rain, mountain snow and high winds. Finally, heat and record high temperatures are likely across the Southern U.S. Read More >

The National Weather Service has made changes to our Flash Flood Warnings that includes impact based information and tags at the bottom of the warnings based on expected severity.  These features are similar to our current Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado Warnings.

The Flash Flood Warnings (FFW) will now have tags and information at the bottom that includes:

  • No Tag ("base" FFW) - Used when flash flooding impact damage is possible.
  • Considerable - Unusual severity - urgent action is needed.
  • Catastrophic - Threat to life and catastrophic damage; levels rarely seen.

IMPORTANT:  Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs) via cell phones will ONLY forward warnings with the "considerable" or "catastrophic" tags.