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NOAA Weather Radio wherever you go

NOAA Weather Radio is an excellent source of daily and severe weather information, but it shouldn't be limited to home use alone. There are many other locations or activities where a weather radio would not only be beneficial, but could be life-saving.

Schools are a perfect location for these radios. Along with the obvious use during severe weather, weather radio broadcasts information that can aid school officials in their daily decision making. Continuously updated products such as temperatures, wind chills, radar summaries, and short and long term forecasts are a few of those products.

Some other locations that would benefit from a weather radio include: hospitals, nursing homes, churches, municipal buildings, summer camps, amusement parks, golf courses, public gathering places, etc.

Also, don't forget that there are portable NOAA Weather Radios. They are perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors...whether it be boating, hiking, biking, or another favorite activity. With these portable radios, you will get the exact same broadcast you receive with the home models. That's especially important if you are out on the water and severe weather threatens.