National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

Weather Related Message Codes

The following messages are always alerted on a NWR Transmitter if they apply to any part of its coverage area:


  • Tornado Warning: TOR
  • Severe Thunderstorm Warning: SVR
  • Flash Flood Warning: FFW
  • Tornado Watch: TOA
  • Severe Thunderstorm: Watch SVA
  • Hurricane Watch: HUA
  • Hurricane Warning: HUW
  • National Emergency: EAN 2.

The following messages are sometimes alerted if they apply to the coverage area of the transmitter, depending on the circumstances and the area of the country.


  • Flash Flood Watch: FFA
  • Winter Storm Warning: WSW
  • High Wind Warning: HWW
  • Tsunami Watch: TSA
  • Tsunami Warning: TSW
  • River Flood Watch: FLA
  • River Flood Warning: FLW
  • Special Marine Warnings: --none-- Local non-weather emergencies CEM