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Greetings!  The La Crosse National Weather Service (NWS) will be conducting a series of informational webinars on a variety of topics.  This is a new project we are labeling:  our WEATHER EXPLORER SERIES.

These free, and often interactive webinars, are intended to share basic information about the proposed topic, discuss some of the science involved, and cover related safety ideas if appropriate.  Each webinar is intended for the general public and will be family-friendly.  Most information provided will be centered on our service area, which includes parts of Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Our next webinar is scheduled for: Tonight, October 7th at 6:30 p.m. CDT  and will cover FOG.  Fog is a fairly common thing in our area during the fall months.

Fog topics covered include:

  • Types of fog
  • How fog forms
  • Fog safety
  • Unique fog setups in our area

You can register for this FREE, 1-hour webinar at:

For more information, drop us an email at:

If you have any ideas for other topics, let us know.