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Western Storm Spreads East

A western storm will slowly spread accumulating snow into the Intermountain West and Rockies, while heavy snow persists across the southern Sierra-Nevada mountains. Locally heavy rain will be possible from parts of southeastern Arizona into western new Mexico. A strong Bering Sea storm will bring an accumulating wintry mix, coastal flooding and ice shoves to western Alaska. Read More >

ND Severe Summer Weather Awareness Week: April 25 through April 29, 2022
  Severe Thunderstorms  
  Tornado Drill
  Flash Flooding  


Tornado Drill: Wednesday April 27
Don't Just Rely On The Tornado Siren!


Make A PLAN! And Practice it!

The tornado drill is a great time to:

  • Review your severe weather plan of where to take shelter at home, work or at school. 
  • Practice going to your shelter area.
  • Ensure you have multiple ways of receiving a warning. Don't just rely on the siren!

Outdoor warning sirens are designed to warn those outside of threatening weather or some other type of emergency. You may or may not be able to hear a siren from within your home, especially when you are sleeping.  Also, sirens may become disabled by severe weather.

Sirens are activated primarily by city or county officials. Each city or county can establish its own guidelines for when to activate the siren, such as for severe thunderstorm warnings in addition to tornado warnings. Contact or visit the website of your city or county emergency management for outdoor siren policy.