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Cooperative observer data (Preliminary)

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Snow Precipitation Temperature
2023-2024 Snow reports 2024 Precipitation reports 2024 Temperature reports
2022-2023 Snow reports 2023 Precipitation reports 2023 Temperature reports
2021-2022 Snow reports 2022 Precipitation reports 2022 Temperature reports
2020-2021 Snow reports 2021 Precipitation reports 2021 Temperature reports
2019-2020 Snow reports 2020 Precipitation reports 2020 Temperature reports
2018-2019 Snow reports 2019 Precipitation reports 2019 Temperature reports
2017-2018 Snow reports 2018 Precipitation reports 2018 Temperature reports
2016-2017 Snow reports 2017 Precipitation reports 2017 Temperature reports
2015-2016 Snow reports 2016 Precipitation reports 2016 Temperature reports
2014-2015 Snow reports 2015 Precipitation reports 2015 Temperature reports
2013-2014 Snow reports 2014 Precipitation reports 2014 Temperature reports
2012-2013 Snow reports 2013 Precipitation reports 2013 Temperature reports
2011-2012 Snow reports 2012 Precipitation reports 2012 Temperature reports
  2011 Precipitation reports 2011 Temperature reports




Cooperative observer frost depth and thaw (Preliminary)

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Frost Depth Frost Depth and Thaw
Alfred Alfred
NWS Buffalo NWS Buffalo
Franklinville Franklinville
Glenfield Glenfield
North Tonawanda North Tonawanda
Palermo Palermo
Perrysburg Perrysburg
Silver Springs Silver Springs
Webster Webster
West Bloomfield West Bloomfield


For information on interpreting frost depth and thaw data, click here.



Cooperative observer Evapotranspiration (Preliminary)

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Silver Springs
Chases Lake


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