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Recap of April 2017 for the NWS Hastings Coverage Area: 
- Precipitation/Snowfall: April precipitation trends loosely resembled those of March, as the majority of the month was relatively dry in most of the 30-county area before a strong low pressure system brought widespread soaking rains to the entire area and even a late-season snow storm to northern/western counties. Please check out this story for much more detail on this major system that impacted our area April 28th-May 1st, as most places picked up 2.00-3.50" of much-needed liquid equivalent precipitation. For the month as a whole, the majority of the local area received somewhere between 90-150% of normal precipitation, but there were limited exceptions slightly above and below this. On the wetter side of things included official NWS sites such as Greeley (4.92") and Ord airport (4.25"), while on the drier side of the spectrum were St. Paul (1.58"), Ravenna (1.62") and Kearney airport (1.87"). 

Turning to snowfall, nearly all April snow was associated with the aforementioned, late-month storm, which dumped as much as 4-12" in several northern/western counties, and was actually the largest late-season snow on record for places such as Cambridge! 

- Temperatures: While most of the month averaged well-above normal, the final six days from the 25th-30th, turned sharply colder, putting a major "dent" in the warm trend. For the month as a whole, most of the 30-county area ended up only slightly (0.5-2º) above normal. Looking in more detail at the end-of-month cold snap, most of the area averaged roughly 14º BELOW NORMAL from the 25th-30th, resulting in one of the Top-3 coldest finishes to April on record at places such as Grand Island and Hastings. The 30th was particularly cold, with nearly the entire 30-county area only topping out 35-40º. In terms of low temperatures, there were a couple of widespread freezes during the month, especially on the mornings of the 11th and 27th. 

- Severe Thunderstorms: There were a few round of severe storms during the month, but no confirmed tornadoes. The vast majority of large hail and/or severe wind gusts occurred on the 9th, 14th, 18th and 19th. A few of the largest reported hail stones featured 2.5" diameter near Burr Oak KS on the evening of the 18th, with golf ball size hail reported near Loup City on the evening of the 14th. A lone severe storm on the late afternoon/evening of the 9th dropped a nearly continuous, west-east swath of 1-1.75" diameter hail across southern portions of South Central Nebraska, with some of the larger reports from the Holdrege, Blue Hill and Fairfield areas. The highest reported thunderstorm wind gust of the month was 72 MPH in western Gosper County on the afternoon of the 9th. 

2017 Nebraska Cooperative Observer Precipitation Tables (around 45 sites)
2017 Kansas Cooperative Observer Precipitation Tables (around 18 sites)
(for the 2017 tables, data for the previous month usually gets updated by around the 15th of the current month)

2016 Nebraska Cooperative Observer Precipitation Tables (around 45 sites)
2016 Kansas Cooperative Observer Precipitation Tables (around 18 sites)

This graphic features a precipitation map for April 2017, along with a partial listing of totals from official NWS stations. (Click image to enlarge)
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