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More than anything else, January 2019 was highlighted by a sharp divide in precipitation/snowfall amounts, as roughly the northwest 2/3 of the area was quite dry, while roughly the southeast 1/3 (including north central KS) was considerably wetter, with snow totals of 6-12" common.Temperature-wise, the first half of the month was considerably warmer than the second half, but the month as a whole only averaged 0-2º above normal. (See full narrative in tabs below for much more detail!)

NOTE: Information in this story is exclusively for the 30-county NWS Hastings Coverage Area

January 2019 Precipitation   January 2019 Snowfall


2019 Nebraska Cooperative Observer Precipitation Tables (around 45 sites) new monthly data is usually filled out by the 20th
2019 Kansas Cooperative Observer Precipitation Tables (around 17 sites)    new monthly data is usually filled out by the 20th

2018 Nebraska Cooperative Observer Precipitation Tables (around 45 sites)
2018 Kansas Cooperative Observer Precipitation Tables (around 17 sites)

Archived Precipitation Tables And Monthly Climate Stories

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