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The National Weather Service wants everyone to be part of a Weather-Ready Nation. Are you prepared for when disaster strikes? Are you weather-ready? Now is the time to make sure you know how to stay safe when severe weather threatens. The week of March 3rd through March 9th will be observed as Tri-State Severe Weather Awareness Week by NWS Goodland and the region. We ask all members of the community to use this time to plan ahead for the upcoming severe weather season and learn safety information that could be life-saving. 

Here is the schedule of topics for this Severe Weather Awareness Week:

  • Sunday: Introduction and Terminology
  • Monday: Have A Plan
  • Tuesday: Tornado Safety
  • Wednesday: Lightning Safety
  • Thursday: Damaging Hail and Wind Safety
  • Friday: Flood and Flash Flood Safety
  • Saturday: A Review of the Week