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Archive of weather events across Central, South Central & Southeast Kansas

This page will be a work in progress over the next several months as events continue to be added.



January 3rd winter storm
April 2nd & 3rd widespread damaging winds & tornadoes
April 8th 2015 Severe Storms
April 24th 2015 Severe Storms
May 6th 2015 tornadoes
May flooding
July 6th flash flooding
July 13th EF3 Tornado
August 5th Early Morning Severe Weather and Heavy Rainfall
September 10th wind and hail
November 26-30 2015 Ice Storm
Rare December flooding event.
Insight and Review of December 26-28th Kansas Winter Storm
2015 will go down as warm and wet across the area...


February 4th heavy snow
First Severe Storms of the 2014 Spring Season
Lowest number of tornadoes Jan-Apr since 1980
Driest start in Wichita since Dust Bowl
May 7th 2014 McPherson county damaging storm
May 10th & 11th 2014 severe storms
Heat Burst Impacts Central Kansas
Kansas Records 3rd Fewest January-May Tornadoes in 2014
June 5th 2014 Overnight & Early Morning Severe Weather Outbreak
3rd wettest June in Wichita
September 1st severe storms
Rare December tornado


January 12th 2013 heavy snow bands
February 21st 2013 heavy snow
February 25th-26th heavy snow
Rare April ice storm for central and south central Kansas
May 19th 2013 south central Kansas tornadoes
June 27th 2013 damaging wind event
July 23rd 2013 severe storms
Late July 2013 significant flooding
August 3-4th 2013 flooding


2012 one of the warmest & driest Januaries on record
February 20th 2012 severe storms
Rare February tornado impacts south central & southeast Kansas
Extremely warm March 2012
April 4th 2012 funnel clouds
April 14th 2012 tornado outbreak
May 19th 2012 Kingman & Harper county tornadoes
May 30th 2012 large hail and damaging winds
Wichita's warmest Spring on record
July 29th 2012 Reno county wind damage
Wichita goes from wet to dry in 2012
Exceptional drought in 2012 leads to dry rivers across Kansas
September 7th 2012 severe storms
Strong northwest winds on October 18th 2012 kick-up dust
December 31st 2012 heavy snow
Record breaking heat and drought in 2012


January 9th-10th Winter Storm
February 8th-9th Winter Storm
February 27th 2011 severe storms
April 3rd 2011 severe storms
April 8th 2011 huge hail over south central Kansas
April 14th 2011 severe weather outbreak
Lack of Kansas tornadoes this Spring
Widespread severe weather May 24th 2011
Large hail, tornadoes & heavy rain across central Kansas on June 1st
June 9th 2011 south central Kansas severe storms
June heat burst across Wichita
Mid June 2011 severe storms
July 2nd 2011 central Kansas severe storms
July 23rd microburst
July 2011 above normal temperatures
Summer 2011 one of the hottest on record
August 3rd 2011 damaging storms
August 9th-10th 2011 severe storms
August 12th 2011 severe storms
Record number of 100 degree days for Wichita
December 19th-20th winter storm
Blizzard of 2011


Rare Arctic Air Mass to Start the New Year
A Snowy end to January for Southern Kansas
February 7th-8th heavy snow
Early Spring snow storm
Early April straight line winds
April 6th 2010 severe storms
May 10th 2010 widespread severe storms
May12th 2010 severe storms
May 16th 2010 severe storms
June 7th early morning severe storms
June 8th-9th severe storms & flooding
June 13th-14th strong winds & flooding
Early July flooding
July 12th southeast Kansas severe storms
August 13th damaging winds
September 15th 2010 record setting hail


March 7th 2009 weak tornadoes
Late March blizzard 2009
April 26th 2009 tornadoes and straight line winds
May 8th 2009 derecho
June 15th severe storms
July 8th large hail strikes Wichita
Wet start to August 2009
August 10th severe winds
September 3rd large hail
September 8th-9th heavy rainfall
December 8th snow storm
Christmas eve snow storm 2009


January 16th-17th central Kansas snow
January 31st 2008 southern Kansas snow storm
February 5th-6th severe storms & snow
February 23rd 2008 snow storm
March 2nd 2008 severe storms
Spring grassland burning is here
April 7th-8th damaging straight-line winds
April 23rd severe storms & flooding
May 1st widespread severe storms
May 6th bow echo
May 10th large hail & tornadoes
May 23rd central Kansas tornadoes
May 25th Barton/Russell county tornado
June 3rd southern Kansas Bow Echo
June 5th 2008 widespread severe storms
June 11th central Kansas tornadoes
June 12th tornadoes & hail
June 18th widespread severe weather
July 8th and 9th landspouts
July 22nd wind and hail
September 12th record rainfall & flash flooding
December 15th & 16th moderate snow


January 12th-13th widespread sleet
January 20th-21st snow storm
February 24th 2007 intense storm system
February 28th southeast Kansas tornadoes
April 5th snow storm
April 13th-14th early spring snow storm
April 24th Reno county tornado
May 4th central Kansas tornadoes
May 5th tornadoes and flooding
May 6th & 7th flooding
May 31st squall lines