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April 8th 2015 Severe Storms


Storms first developed over southeast Kansas around 1 pm and quickly raced off to the northeast. These storms produced 70 to 80 mph winds along with hail up to the size of golf balls. Storms eventually fired back to the west along a retreating dryline around 5 pm over far southern Kansas and northern Oklahoma. These storms produced several reports of tornadoes over Comanche County along with very large hail.  Eventually this storm tracked into Kingman county where hail over 3 inches was reported which is larger than the size of baseballs. A possible report of a tornado touchdown southeast of Zenda is being investigated. 

Another storm formed over eastern Kingman county that quickly intensified.  Rotating wall clouds were reported near the town of Cheney and a few brief tornadoes touched down in northwest Sedgwick County.   Two tornado touchdowns have been confirmed with a rating of EF0. One tornado touched down in open country north of Garden Plain and the other in open country just southeast of Andale. 



Radar Images

Radar image from 8:27 pm showing the supercell thunderstorm over western Sedgwick county.

Radar image from 8:32pm showing the same storm northwest of Wichita

Radar velocity image from 8:32pm showing the rotation associated with the brief tornado touchdown.


Storm Pictures





Wall cloud over western Sedgwick county.

Picture taken by Paul Howerton