National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
March 1, 2017
Tornado in Anderson Township, Ohio

Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Wilmington OH
845 PM EST Wed Mar 1 2017

...Tornado Confirmed Near Anderson Township in Hamilton County

Location...Anderson Township in Hamilton County Ohio
Date...March 1 2017
Estimated Start Time...703 AM EST
Estimated End Time...704 AM EST
Maximum EF-Scale Rating...EF0
Estimated Maximum Wind Speed...80 MPH
Maximum Path Width...350 yards
Path Length...1.04 miles
Beginning Lat/Lon...39.0699N/84.3925W
Ending lat/Lon...39.0672N/84.3733W
* Fatalities...0
* Injuries...0

* The information in this statement is preliminary and subject to
change pending final review of the event(s) and publication in
NWS Storm Data.

The National Weather Service in Wilmington OH has confirmed a
tornado near Anderson Township in Hamilton County Ohio on March
1 2017.

The tornado first touched down between 4 Mile Road and Phillips
Road in a heavily wood ravine. Numerous trees were knocked down 
in the ravine. As the tornado moved east towards Phillips Road, 
it knocked several more trees, one which fell on a home and 
damaged the roof.

On Phillips Road, numerous homes were damaged by trees or large 
limbs that were tossed onto roofs. One of the more heavily 
damaged houses, had a garage wall knocked down. Additionally the 
house suffered roof and siding damage. A neighboring house lost 20
percent of the backside of the roof.

Between Phillips Road and Nimitz Lane, more trees were knocked 
down. Several of the trees fell onto homes on Nimitz Lane, 
causing roof damage. A very large tree was knocked down across
Nimitz line completely blocking the road. 

The tornado lifted briefly, but touched down again on Birchdale
Court, knocking trees down onto several homes and causing
additional damage.

Once again the tornado lifted, and then touched down near the 
intersection of Burney Lane and Wetheridge Drive. A large property
on Burney Lane, had numerous trees knocked over or snapped. As 
the tornado moved eastward along Wetheridge Lane, more trees were
knocked down, with several causing roof damage to houses. The 
path continued down to Chesterton Way, before the tornado finally 

Overall there were approximately 50 homes damaged in the Anderson 
Township area.

For reference...the Enhanced Fujita Scale classifies tornadoes
into the following categories:

EF0...wind speeds 65 to 85 mph.
EF1...wind speeds 86 to 110 mph.
EF2...wind speeds 111 to 135 mph.
EF3...wind speeds 136 to 165 mph.
EF4...wind speeds 166 to 200 mph.
EF5...wind speeds greater than 200 mph.




Full Radar Loops from the Cincinnati Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (7:07 AM - 7:11 AM)
Note: TCVG data was unavailable between 7:00 AM and 7:07 AM, including the time of the tornado. These radar images show a weakening circulation after the tornado occurred.
TCVG 0.1° Reflectivity (600-800 feet AGL)
1 2 3 4 5
TCVG 0.1° Velocity (600-800 feet AGL)
1 2 3 4 5
Full Radar Loops from NWS Wilmington Ohio (6:58 AM - 7:10 AM)
KILN 0.5° Reflectivity (2600-2900 feet AGL)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
KILN 0.5° Storm-Relative Motion (2600-2900 feet AGL)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9