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NWS Jacksonville - Office Locations

Through the years the U.S. Weather Bureau/National Weather Service Office has been located at various sites in the Jacksonville area.  Weather Records were begun by the U.S. Army Signal Corps in 1871.  Previous to that temperatures were recorded by reliable observers from 1829, and rainfall from 1851.  Judge F. Bethune kept records from 1829 until 1833, and Dr. A.S. Baldwin kept records from 1838 through 1872.  Breaks in the record occurred during the Indian Wars and the Civil War.

Location From To Remarks Photo
Masonic Hall
(NE corner of Main & Bay Streets
Sep 13, 1871 Sep 19, 1871 Barometer received September 17, 1871, but not installed at this location.  
Freedman's Bank Building
Main & Forsyth Streets
Sep 20, 1871 Jul 21, 1880 Thermometers in window shelter 20 feet above the ground, rain gauge on roof 64 feet above the ground, anemometer between 75 and 90 feet above the ground. photo
Astor Building
138 W. Bay Street (SE corner Bay & Hogan Streets)
Jul 22, 1880 Jul 31, 1902 Thermometers in window shelter 30 feet above the ground from July 1880 to September 1886; in roof shelter 69 feet above the ground from October 1886 to July 1902.  Tipping bucket rain gauge installed March 4, 1891. photo
Dyal-Upchurch Building
SE corner of Main & Bay Streets
Aug 1, 1902 Jan 3, 1915 Thermometers in roof shelter 100 feet above the ground.  Office burned Jan. 3, 1915. photo
30 South Main Street Jan 4, 1915 Jan 31, 1915 No instruments installed.  Readings taken from kiosk instruments in Hemming Park.  
Heard National Bank Building
(later known as the Graham Building, SW corner of Forsyth & Laura Streets)
Feb 1, 1915 Dec 31, 1933 Thermometers in roof shelter 209 feet above the ground, anemometer height 245 feet. photo
US Court House & Post Office Bldg
315 W Monroe Street, Room 532
Jan 1, 1934 May 21, 1956 Thermometers in roof shelter 86 feet above the ground.  This office was combined with airport office at Imeson Field in January 1956. photo
Jacksonville Municipal Airport Imeson Field Oct 31, 1930 Jan 19, 1971 Station history shows that the airport office, 7 miles north of the post office, may have actually opened in 1928.  From 1930 to 1940, temperature, rainfall, wind, and sunshine records continued at the city office, with barometer and humidity data compiled for the airport only.  The airport office became the synoptic station for Jacksonville on July 1, 1940.  Temperature and precipitation records continued at the city office, but wind, sunshine, barometer, and humidity data began being recorded at the airport office.  The airport office became the sole office in January 1956. photo
Jacksonville International Airport
2300 Barnstormer Rd.
Jan 19, 1971 Jan 19, 1995 The weather office moved from Imeson Airport to the northwest side of Jacksonville International Airport on January 19, 1971. photo
Jacksonville International Airport
13701 Fang Dr.
Jan 19, 1995 Present The weather office moved to the southwest side of Jacksonville International Airport on January 19, 1995.  This new office was equipped with the WSR-88D doppler weather radar.  The upper air program was transferred from the WSMO Waycross, Georgia, on January 25, 1995.  ASOS replaced the manual observations on March 1, 1996.  The upper air system was upgraded to the Radiosonde Replacement System (RRS) on January 15, 2007. photo