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NWS Jacksonville Outreach

The NWS recognizes that as we strive to help protect life and property by warning the public of impending weather hazards through various products, there is a need to educate diverse audiences on how to receive, interpret and respond to weather alerts.

NWS Jacksonville offers various forms of outreach, form interactive web-based training to office tours. We are strong supporters of youth education and provide in-school presentations for both students and faculty, as well as presentations and office tours for Boy and Girl Scout Troops. We partner with Emergency Management Agencies and work closely with volunteer organizations such as county based Citizen Emergency Response Teams, Red Cross Chapters and Amateur Radio Clubs to help promote weather safety and awareness throughout communities by providing educational presentations and manning booths.

Office Visits
The NWS Jacksonville welcomes visitors and the opportunity to educate you about the NWS, our operations and our services.  We can comfortably host groups of 20 or less and provide a station tour as well as a presentation in our conference room.  We provide tours for students with chaperones, but we do ask for separate tours for each group of 20 students.  Station tours can be given throughout the year and are usually done in the morning.  Tours last from 1 to 2 hours depending on the presentation requested.  If you are interested in arranging a station visit, please email the National Weather Service Jacksonville.

NWS Presence at Fairs, Expos and Shows
We appreciate opportunities to present weather information at community, club, and business safety events.  If you are interested in having the NWS Jacksonville present at such an event, please email or call us.

The NWS Skywarn Storm Spotter Program
The NWS Jacksonville offers Skywarn Storm Spotter classes for adults interested in relaying weather reports to the NWS during strong and severe weather events.  Spotters are a vital part of the warning decision making process.  Spotter classes are coordinated through NWS and county based Emergency Management Agencies.  Sometimes classes can be arranged for a target audience, such as for civic groups and clubs.  Most classes are given between late October and early May, and all classes may be cancelled at the last minute do to inclimate weather impacting some portion of the NWS Jacksonville county warning area.  If you are in the NWS Jacksonville area of responsibility and interested in scheduling a Spotter class, please contact your county Emergency Management Agency or the Jacksonville NWS.  You can also check the spotter class calendar for upcoming Skywarn Storm Spotter classes in the NWS Jacksonville area.

 NWS Jacksonville Office Visits
Camden County CERT & AWIPS Demo
June 2010
FSCJ True North
FSCJ True North at NWS Jacksonville
July 2009
Lautenbacher visit
Retired VAdm Conrad Lautenbacher Visit
September 2009
 NWS & Emergency Management Community Support
Florida-Georgia Game support
NWS Supports Duval EM
October 2009
Flagler County Home Show
February 2006

Radio Show with Flagler EM
May 2006

NWS and the Ware County Fire Department
Ware County Skywarn class
NWS with Ware County EM before Spotter Class
Flagler spotter talk
NWS with Flagler County EM and REACT Team
January 2010
 NWS Jacksonville Booth Displays
June 2007
Earth Day 2008
Jacksonville Earth Day
May 2008

St. Johns River Celebration
May 2008

Scout Blast
June 2006

Jacksonville Boat Show
April 2005

Superbowl XXXIX in Jacksonville
Jan 2005
 NWS Jacksonville Out and About

NWS Florida visits WCA Tsunami Warning Center
April 2010

Corporate 5K
April 2008

St. Johns River Clean-Up
May 2008
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