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 NWS Jacksonville Address and Phone Numbers                                                                                         
 Address  Phone Numbers
National Weather Service
Jacksonville Weather Forecast Office
13701 Fang Drive
Jacksonville, FL  32218
Administrative:     (904) 741-4370 (7:30am-3:30pm)
Recorded Forecast:  (904) 741-4311
Fax:                (904) 741-0078
 NWS Jacksonville Complete Staff Listing                                                                                                    
• Meteorologist in Charge (MIC) - Scott Cordero
• Warning Coordination Meteorologist (WCM) - Al Sandrik
• Science Operations Officer (SOO) - Pete Wolf
• Observation Program Leader (OPL) - Vacant
• Electronic Systems Analyst (ESA) - Shane Still
• Information Technology Officer (ITO) - Art Wildman
• Port Meteorological Officer (PMO) - Rob Niemeyer
• Administrative Assistant (ASA) - Jessica Howell
 Meteorologists (Senior Forecasters)
Cindy Elsenheimer
Angela Enyedi - Assistant WCM, Outreach
Jason Hess - Climate Focal Point, Hydrology Focal Point, IFPS Focal Point
Andrew Shashy - Marine Focal Point, Satellite Focal Point
Andrew Kennedy - AWIPS Focal Point
 Meteorologists (Journeyman Forecasters)
Phil Peterson - Public Product Focal Point
David Shuler - Webmaster, Aviation Focal Point
Larry Struble - Assistant AWIPS Focal Point
Matt Zibura - Radar Focal Point, CoCoRaHS Focal Point
Ben Nelson - Social Media Focal Point
 Meteorologist Interns/SCEPS
Will Corless
Nate McGinnis
Kip Bricker
 Electronic Technicians
Anthony Hagan - ASOS 
Josh Harvey - Radar 
 NWS Jacksonville Contact List                                                                                                                    
 Program  email Contact
 Administrative  Scott Cordero
 Aviation Program  Dave Shuler
 AWIPS  Andrew Kennedy
 Climate Program  Jason Hess
 CoCoRaHS  Matt Zibura
 Cooperative Observer Program  Will Corless
 Fire Weather Program  Angie Enyedi
 Forecast Graphics (IFPS/GFE)  Jason Hess
 Forecast Products/Verification  Phil Peterson
 GIS  Al Sandrik
 HAZMAT/Safety  Anthony Hagan
 Hydrology/Rivers  Jason Hess
 Marine Program  Andrew Shashy
 NOAA Weather Radio  Will Corless
 Outreach  Angela Enyedi
 Radar Information  Matt Zibura
 Satellite Information  Andrew Shashy
 Severe Weather/Warning Program  Angela Enyedi
 Tropical Program  Al Sandrik
 Upper Air Program  Will Corless
 Webmaster  Dave Shuler